01 December 2008

collector's armour.

"one of my favorite classics is the dumb t-shirt." charlotte cooper.
my very favorite page in my oft-referenced copy of the cheap date guide to style is the above homage to "the dumb t-shirt." i couldn't agree more with the sentiment, and with the full realization that there's a fine line between the dumb t-shirt and the fake-retro graphic tee. at age 20 i couldn't tell the difference and so spent much of 2001-2003 wearing any number of embarassing screenprints. i blame the strokes. these days (along with about a million other people), my dumb t-shirt of choice is the vintage band tee, and as adamant as i am about not wearing the same outfit twice, there have literally been WEEKS of my life spent in the same three or four shirts. 
this whole post came about because of what i found last night on eBay: this HIGHLY NECESSARY 1983 rod stewart concert tee (little known fact: i genuinely love rod stewart. like, maybe in the way that your mom loves rod stewart.). it seemed just cause to break a recently self-imposed shopping ban, and i justified it with this isaac mizrahi quote from the last issue of FW
I honestly think that a better word for shopping now is collecting. A collector looks and looks and studies but very rarely buys. Do you need to own every painting you love? Do you really have to own every designer handbag? But if you get good at this sort of collecting, even an impulse buy makes sense. 
i am a collector. of dumb t-shirts. for every crazy-mega-blowout sale i haven't given into over the last two weeks; for every $150 the clash t-shirt i had the wherewithal to pass up in eBay searches past; for the sake of all that is COLLECTING - i am allowed one $60, perfectly worn, perfectly soft, true-blue, life-saving security blanket of a rod stewart t-shirt. 
that's what i got from that quote, anyways.


Anonymous nilzapan said...

so true.

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