14 January 2009

akemi kanazaki.

where for art thou, statement necklace?
when i was in ninth grade i was grounded for the entirety of my winter break (i forget the offense, but i think it may have had something to do with losing my new coat). i spent the whole two weeks listening to the romeo + juliet soundtrack and collaging my bedroom walls by the glow of a million strands of christmas tree lights. by the time january came and i was ALLOWED OUT OF THE HOUSE again my room looked so amazing that i didn't even want to leave. that could be a lie, but the point i'm driving at here is that, like every other girl in the history of girls, i loved and STILL love a good collage - which explains why i'm so enamored of the necklaces my friend akemi kanazaki makes.
pulled together from seemingly hundreds of gorgeous little parts, each of akemi's pieces is a handmade, one of a kind jewelry explosion. i'm totally stoked to feature several in the upcoming issue of panda head mag, each of which are just as amazing as the one i own (that poorly photographed masterpiece, above).  akemi is hard at work not only on new jewelry (including some unisex pieces) but on getting a blogspot together to show off the goods; until then you can get her at akemi@tastyandfreshness.com for custom orders or other inquiries.


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