05 January 2009

and the bride wore crazy.

my little china doll.
i'm back on a lace obsession, in a bad way. this weekend i went southwest into virginia and did some SMALL TOWN THRIFTING (the very best kind) and, as always happens in these little tiny places, i found about a billion handmade lace doilies and handkerchiefs. considering that half my walls are already covered in the stuff i channeled my energy into purchasing a totally cuckoo, $11, cream colored lace wedding dress - which i plan on hacking short, tearing the lining out of, and wearing it all scandalous-like with hotpants, a bra, and ballet flats when the weather gets hot again. 
and in other raggedy-vintage-dress-related news, the above is what has become of My Very First Style Star and honestly, i'm not even mad. i'm IMPRESSED.


Blogger Nest said...

Funniest blog title ever. Thank you.

12:31 PM  

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