12 January 2009

flowerhead vintage.

it's FRIEND WEEK at panda head and first on the chopping block is lindsay hart, aka don't say i didn't. lindsay used to make bags (under the name el harto - clever, no?) out of vintage, thrifted, and otherwise resourced materials; as you can imagine, the time spent thrifting led to some pretty excellent scores. she switched gears in 2008 and now focuses exclusively on selling her finds - even when they're REEEALLLY hard to part with - at her etsy shop: flowerhead vintage. the pieces hold appeal from the hippie (see: the native winter tent dress) to the hipster (intergalactic hoodie, anyone?) and there's even stuff in there for the guys. once you've recovered from learning that the above fringe jacket is no longer available (as it was SOLD to ME - it's like the piece de resistance in my 70s stoner catalog) click to flowerhead vintage and have a look around. 


Blogger Don't Say I Didn't said...

Ah! Thanks, Morgan! The store is pretty bleak at this point, but don't fret, there are tons of things in store for Flowerhead, so keep checking back :)

10:20 AM  

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