22 January 2009

a good foil.

last month montmartre's sketchbook posted on pearl lowe, and in the following weeks i've spent a lot of time digging around in various online archives. what warranted investigation wasn't lowe, herself, but rather that i had been reminded of this interview with her that i read in elle (from god knows when; i can't find a date for it). the focus of the interview was a new dress line she'd created - each dress was made of lace, and the idea for the lace had carried over from her previous project, designing curtains. 
it wasn't so much the details i was interested in but the idea: one project's natural extension into another; ideas stemming from a finished product that necessitate starting from scratch; handing yourself over to the impulse to never sit still. i'm familiar with the concept. at this point came more ARCHIVE DIGGING, this time at the washington post. (almost exactly) three years ago an interview ran with MY HERO rick rubin (he started def jam out of his fucking dorm room - enough said) and at some point i lost the clipping. i paid $3.95 + tax to retrieve the following paragraph:
"we put everything we have into it all the time, whatever it takes," he says. "if we're going to do it, let's aim for greatness. because, honestly, the physical act of documenting the ideas that you have is not fun. so if it's not going to be great, i'd much rather go swimming. really. i might rather go swimming anyway. but at least aiming for greatness is a good foil for not being in the water."
well put, mr. rubin. oh, and this part was really good too:
"i never have a preconceived idea," he says. "i think that's one of the secrets of doing it, is not having any expectation of what it's supposed to be. you just let it take on a life of its own. our job is to pay attention and watch and know when it's good. we just wait for those moments and try to capture them."
granted, he was talking about music production but the idea translates to any kind of creative endeavor. as does lowe's. both have proved important in getting the next issue of panda head mag together through what has been a very distracting past few months. i'm happy to announce, though, that issue 003: late winter, will launch monday, february 16. i'm excited and you should be too - it's going to be really, really good.


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