16 February 2009

panda head mag issue 3: late winter.

i'm thrilled to NO END to announce that panda head mag issue 3: late winter is all new and online today at www.pandaheadmag.com! this issue features art, photography, literary adventures, and other work from the likes of:
kathryn beale
chris chen
dave clifford
jennifer depalma
dakota fine
elizabeth gorman
aja hamilton
morgan hungerford
akemi kanakazi
nilay lawson
hatnim lee
alyssa lesser
erik loften
ashley may
alfonso rosales
and robbie ulsh.
panda head mag is art, style, lifestyle, and creative collaboration in and of washington, DC. one million thank you's go out to all of the talented people listed above for helping to make this issue of panda head mag the BEST YET, most especially erik loften for his DESIGN PROWESS and nilay lawson for not only joining the panda mag editorial team, but for her partner-in-crime status too. have a look when you get a chance; i sincerely hope you love this late winter edition as much as i do. and don't forget about the launch party this saturday at comet ping pong! see you there!


Blogger dekaN dc said...

Congrats Morgan... it looks fabulous! Keep doing your thing girl!

9:42 AM  

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