13 February 2009


it's been a quiet week here at panda head blog, but that's only because SO MUCH is happening on the PANDA HEAD MAG front! first up, ISSUE 3: LATE WINTER will be online this MONDAY, FEBRUARY 16th! we at the mag (designer extraordinaire erik loften, new-to-the-team CREATIVE FORCE nilay lawson, and myself) are so excited about it that we're throwing a little party next saturday night. actually, we're throwing a HUGE party next saturday night, february 21, from 930PM-2AM at COMET PING PONG. get stoked for performances from DC's THE LAUGHING MAN, brooklyn-via-philly LILLIE RUTH BUSSEY, and DJ sets from PAUL + JOHN of U.S. ROYALTY! brace yourself for HOT PANDA MAG PROJECTOR ACTION courtesy of erik, and best of all, it's ALL FREE! and ALL FUN! and ALL AGES
i promise to happy-cry at least twice. see you there!


Blogger Marissa said...

Dang! I'll be out of town next weekend. Sorry I'll miss this! Have fun! (And congrats! Looks like the mag is going great!)

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

party pants

4:43 PM  

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