11 March 2009

i don't iron; i hate the flash.

what weird shadows?
i realize i'm doing it little to no justice by presenting it in an un-steamed state, but i've been meaning to post this top since i got it early last month at a friend's grandmother's estate sale. i got there LATE and there were still just massive amounts of gorgeous clothes and accessories; i feel lucky to have been able to pick up what i did. my favorite piece, of course, was this gorgeous 1940s blouse - the color is a perfect nude and the detailing makes me blush. i'm waiting for the very first EVENT-event of spring to wear it out of the house with my leather pencil skirt and ladylike-yet-skyscraper-y heels, and don't think for a second that i'm removing the shoulder pads...


Blogger cras4 said...

i tagged you!! (it was a while ago, sorrry)


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