16 March 2009

if i can't have you.

one of my favorite thrift stores was having a 75% off everything sale tonight (this is why i sign up for newsletters like it's my job), so i headed DEEP into the suburbs for what i was almost certain would be bedlam. needless to say, i was far from the only person interested in $2 dresses and 50cent shoes, but  i was willing to put up with WHATEVER. the reason i love this particular spot so much has a lot to do with the amount of truly kooky shit i find on its racks; from the $8, pucci-esque floor length caftan i picked up in the fall to the $5, pocohantas-style fringe vest i found this winter, it's never not worth the trip. while i can't say i made out in the wardrobe department tonight (though i did add yet another member to my ever-growing collection of carly simon-reminiscent felt, wide-brimmed hats), the boon to my record collection was reward enough. among others (and for 13cents each!), i picked up bruce springsteen's the river and born to run (both of which i'd resigned myself to having to find on ebay), yet another copy of elton john's greatest hits (i tend to have multiples of the things i love, it's an affliction), and sesame street fever. i blame having watched this earlier for the impetus to put it in my basket, but i actually have a feeling that i will wildly enjoy - if only once - a concept album based on "a love of disco sweeping sesame street." my heart, after all, is not made of stone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ewww that little girl got it goin' on!
The Jolly Dog House

10:08 AM  
Blogger Marta said...

i'm visiting DC, can i get directions to this gem?

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh please oh please oh please...

Where is this place? I have had so little luck finding thrift stores with exciting fun in them here. And my friends and I are beginning to look for a team Halloween costume. Will you spill where it is?

9:39 PM  

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