04 May 2009

this song is called gratitude.

photo by drew mcdermott.
thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every person who made it out to comet ping pong on friday night for the PANDA HEAD MAG issue 4 PREVIEW PARTY! nilay, erik and i were beyond thrilled to see all of you there, and, of course, we want to extend very special (and infinite) thanks to james and carole at comet, to cale for his impromptu DJ set, and to new rock church of fire for putting on such a killer show. oh! and big thank you's also to carla at TPWP, jon at the vinyl district, and our besties at BYT for all their love and promotion last week. much appreciated, guys. 
ISSUE 4 of the magazine will be live and online THIS WEEK (OMG), and don't think i won't let you know when. trust when i say that you're in for a good time...
love and squalor,


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