19 June 2009

bienvenido to panda madness

YO cats! It's Kelley and Chloe, Panda Head Mag's homegirls interns for the summer. We'll be keeping you updated on the haps at ~*Da PaNdA FaKtOryy*~. Last week the Panda Crew (along with the documenting skills of Alyssa Lesser) started construction on an outdoor chandelier aKa CHANDY for an upcoming feature in Issue 5. 
alyssa, our photographer for the day, and chloe. photo by kelley 'nutt
hit up the dollar store 4 supplieszs
got distracted by the international supermercado
photo by kelley 'nutt
went to the park to begin construction
nilay craftin'

mama bear morgan 

B-B-Boosted for the chandy to make its appearance in the next issue! Thanks 2 homegrl Alyssa for the pphotototosos.

-Chloe and Kelley


Blogger 4Unlike said...

what camra

2:52 PM  
Blogger 4Unlike said...

what camera

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