10 June 2009

team panda.

TEAM PANDA by panda mag BFF chris chen.
issue 5 of panda head magazine is slowly but surely coming together (in fact, we're about ten minutes away from nonstop, whirlwind-insanity), and erik, nilay, and i consider ourselves lucky to have not one but TWO all-star interns to help us make our issue 5 dreams come true. i am beyond stoked to welcome chloe maratta and kelley mcnutt (AKA the voices behind SIPPIN' 40z) to our little team. they are bound for art school(s) in the fall, are cooler than all three of us put together, and we're just happy that they're so graciously letting us squander both their youth and their summer vacations. they'll be blogging their experience here, starting SOON, so brace yourselves for all sorts of impending awesomeness.
i got more glocks and techs (and interns) than you,
morgan method man.


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