22 July 2009


What's good?! It's Chlo-Blow and Kelley Mcwhackjob, da 'terns. Here's an epic set of photos from CAMP PANDA. FFFever, Laughing Man, US Royalty, and New Rock Church of Fire came along with some friends and the panda crew. Dakota Fine and Lexie Moreland documented the madness. Look for the trip to be featured in issue 5! IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. 
  intern notes
patches: our in-between-genders-bartender

Photos from Lexie Moreland

by homegrl Chloe Maratta:

by Kelley Youngmoney McNutt:

Chris Keener...our dreamy videographer...shhhh

Too much talent/fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where were the camp counselors during all this madness, I ask.
Kate @ The Jolly Dog House

10:17 AM  
Blogger Dan M. said...

stunning photos. could be from now or taken out of a late 60s movie.

Montreal Street Fashion

4:49 PM  

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