01 September 2009

oh, oh, oh, oh!

us royalty by BYT
thak you (to the infinite degree) all one billion (APPROXIMATELY) of you who were so very kind as to attend our one year anniversary party this past friday at comet ping pong. we love comet from the very bottom of our hearts - and we also heart our extra special band friends: fffever, the laughing man, new rock church of fire, and U.S royalty - and to our very good friends for their promotion/love/promotion: the washington post's going out guide and brightest young things. we promise that issue 5 will every bit live up to its preview party counterpart - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
love, your friends,
panda head magazine


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo, cool videos highlighting authentic DC style on Washington Post website!! Fashion & Beauty section - Check it out

3:49 PM  

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