17 September 2009


many, many thanks to sarah godfrey at the washington city paper for the SURPRISE of a LIFETIME; while waiting for my coffee at open city this morning, i flipped open the "state of the arts" section and landed on the above picture of a suspiciously familiar haircut. the city paper was kind enough to forecast my DREAM CALENDAR of fall events, including this weekend's DC big flea (ummm, yes) and bruce springsteen at the kennedy center honors in december (EVEN MORE YES). their suggestions were SPOT ON and i couldn't have picked a better lineup myself - though of course i'd throw in tomorrow night's roofwalkers show at the writer's center and next friday's rattler + new rock church of fire debacle at rnr hotel.
again, mega-thank you to sarah godfrey and the washington city paper for repping the mag! and OH HEY - issue 5 will be LIVE and ON FIRE this monday, september 21!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is 9/22/09 and the link to pandahead mag is dead. What gives?

12:33 PM  

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