04 September 2009



"professional" by chloe maratta and kelley mcnutt
our hearts were oh-so-heavy-heavy last week when the panda mag team said goodbye to kelley mcnutt and chloe maratta, our issue 5 interns. we quite literally don't have words to describe how amazing these two are; from day 1 they were PANDA MAG FAM and we're just so lucky to have gotten to spend the summer with them. oh, and it helped that they were really pretty and smart and had awesome clothes and that they were totally great at EMAILING and MAKING PHONE CALLS and BLOGGING and DOG-TAMING and BEER RUNNING and all the other duties that you'd imagine (and can't imagine) go on behind the scenes at panda head mag.
kelley and chlo, we already miss you guys times a million hundred thousand and wish you nothing but RAD TIMES in the world of COLLEGE. that said, this leaves room at headquarters (aka my dining room table) for one (or two!) intern(s) of amazingness for the next 3 months while we get issue 6 together. qualifications include the aforementioned tasks, being 18+, and having a blue ribbon, award-winning attitude. get in touch at pandaheadmagazine@gmail.com.


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charming! =D

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