04 December 2009


an experiment!
panda mag BFF melissa krodman and fatback's sean peoples have joined forces with a slew of other DC artists to create DISTRICT CALLING: FREEDOM. it's a full-length, collaborative music/art/video performance that explores the definition of freedom; "to reclaim the word from the realm of the political and re-explore what it means to us individually, as artists and as humans.” the show runs just twice, this saturday night at 7 and 10, at the DCAC.
the very best part of the show (you know, besides the THEME and the ONSLAUGHT OF TALENT), i think, is the focus on collaboration. i'm going to bust all serious for a minute, but collaboration is the very heart of panda head magazine, and we're beyond stoked to support endeavours like melissa's and sean's. DC is so creatively diverse and it's so rad that everytime we turn around we see our friends banding together like this - whether it's redeem inviting de*nada to create a pop-up shop in their space, the vinyl district teaming up with comet on events, or josh cogan featuring DC musicians in his "soundprints" show at 6th & I. because collaboration is a little party, and we need more parties in the USA.


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