09 March 2010

jumble jumble/all at my house.

issue 5 launch photo by chris chen.
comet ping pong is THE BEST. i'm a bit biased, i know - they've long been the site of our launch parties; it's a scientific fact that their pizza is OFFICIAL - but i found myself there this past saturday night (after an accidentally prolonged absence) for the cheniers/maybe baby/hollywood/personal & the pizzas show and on the way home, covered in beer and sporting a fresh mic stand head bruise, i remembered exactly why i love comet so much: it's a legit venue that feels like a house show. everytime. never fail. please join us in our living room FRIDAY, APRIL 9, to celebrate the launch of panda head magazine: issue 6. bands TBA and i promise not to call house beer. see you then!


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