05 April 2010

this week...

...is event FULL. tuesday night we are sad sad sad to miss the press preview of nicole aguirre's brand new worn magazine; she's an issue 6 contributor and we are so stoked to see/support/love her project. we totally plan on picking up a copy on wednesday night, as they'll be available as part of the festivities surrounding readysetDC's fashion: district event. it's a rooftop fashion show AND MORE, featuring lots of panda friends, including bored of trade, treasury, redeem, de*nada, and DURKL. it's 6-10 at view 14, and it is certain to be amazing. oh, and have you heard? on friday, WE PARTY. see you there!


Blogger GoodNicole said...

Yay Morgan! The sweetest Editor in town. See ya at your party on Friday. Wouldn't miss it! -Nicole

3:12 PM  

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