22 November 2010

well well.

madewell sweatshirt + the jacket was a $7 thrift store TREASURE.
a couple of saturday mornings ago i headed all bleary-eyed to the gibson guitar center, where my friends at BYT had graciously invited me to come paw through a box of madewell clothing - in celebration of the opening of the georgetown store - and talk about my STYLE in the process. the results can be seen HERE at BYT, with all photos (including my FAVE OUTTAKE, above) by the oh-so-talented shauna alexander.
the new store is gorgeous, all reclaimed hardwood floors and AMAZING SWEATERS, and if you can't bring yourself to get there in the post-black-friday, lasts-til-christmas, manic-panic that is georgetown, you can live vicariously for a few weeks through dakota fine's photos of the opening. there was a photo booth and i met gigi guerra. IT WAS LIKE HEAVEN.


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