06 December 2010


all photos by c.freeman.
i've known DJ JENNDER since i moved into DC proper (5 years! so crazy!), and DJ DU JOUR i met when we were lucky enough to fall in with the WINDIAN fam. i was unbelievably stoked to work with the two of them on a FUNBAGS + panda head photo shoot this past weekend - these babes were super photogenic, and paired with photographer extraordinaire c.freeman the results were INSTANT GOLD. BEHOLD!

FUNBAGS is their dance night (garage! punk! glam! rock and roll! bubble blowin and wild wigglin!) and - as you can imagine from the description - FUNBAGS is A++. the ladies are providing the soundtrack to the official pharmacy bar holiday party this sunday night at 8PM; THINGS INVOLVED include photobooths, spiked eggnogz, ugly sweaters, and "kick your ass christmas tracks." if you need more convincing (which i can't imagine you would), check this video. done watching it? I'LL SEE YOU THERE.


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