24 January 2011


tomorrow night (tuesday 25jan) from 7-8:30PM the gibson will host a "flower cocktail hour," during which guests will make WEARABLE FLOWER CREATIONS (headbands! crowns! boutounierres!) while enjoying several delicious cocktails, each made with st. germain (an elderflower liqueur) and cream yvette (made with violets).
this is the part of the post where i would normally say something about how the event is hosted by my dear friend kathryn bangs, who is not only a sommelier, but the kind of person who comes up with ideas like the above, and therefore someone so very worth spending your tuesday evening with; or how the gibson is most likely the ideal place in which to be ensconced on any evening, but especially a chilly tuesday one; or how making flower crowns in the dead of winter might be just the sort of dreamy, fields-and-sunshine-fantasy-inducing activity that you or i may need (desperately) to make it through the rest of this bitter winter. but i will refrain. this party sells itself.
it's $48 a person and while a few tickets will be available at the door, reservations can be requested ahead of time through flower.cocktail.hour@gmail.com.


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