21 August 2011

b-boy bouillabaisse.

carrots/shallots/garlic and SEA SALT. fennel came next.

added shrimp, cod, basil, red pepper flakes, and THAT MUCH WINE from a bunk $5.99 bottle (YES it was from whole foods but STILL it was less than six bucks and therefore NOT FOR DRINKING) (one must draw a line) (so I'm told).

threw in mussels and dill; LIDDED IT until the mussels opened. added a ton of dill and basil.
there were A GOOD MANY lemons squeezed at all points throughout; also, i remembered at the absolute last second (actually, AFTER the last second, because we'd already SERVED) that the last time i made bouillabaisse there was definitely vinegar involved. we made do by drizzling some into our bowls, salad-style.


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