09 August 2011

girls on the run.

an editorial in four scenes, GIRLS ON THE RUN: THE MYNABIRDS' SUMMER STYLE is just as infinitely perfect-and-amazing as we knew it would be when our obscenely stylish friend (and obscenely talented musician!) laura burhenn let us know that she was planning something big for omahype. the above are just a few of my favorite photos from her spread; i am so digging the omaha-sun-drenched dreaminess of DP muller's photography and the styling is a spot on mix of boho-femme and menswear tendencies (aka my dream closet). in her words:

Earlier this summer I sat down and watched -- finally, in their entirety -- two classic films I can't believe I hadn't seen yet: "Thelma & Louise" and "Annie Hall". I had known the style all along. I mean, how could you not? It's iconic. It's been riffed on by designers and fashionistas, it's pervaded the pages of magazines and the stages of rock clubs for decades. The thing that appeals to me most about these women is their androgyny. And that's not to say their sexuality is ambiguous. It's more of a masculine/feminine duality; both coexisting together, the one accentuating the other. I've always loved women with a masculine edge: boots, bruises and sweaty brows accessorized with little lipstick and some nail polish chipped around the edges; it tells you they're not afraid to show off their sex and get their hands dirty. Probably goes all the way back to my sixth grade obsession with Georgia O'Keeffe. I mean, here's this artist painting these intensely feminine images, all sunset pastels and bone whites for the most part. But the woman behind it all? Beautifully stark, slightly masculine, an inscrutable gaze in her eyes that tells you she's miles deep -- a very different kind of American beauty than you've ever seen.

These are the kinds of women that inspire me. And I've been paying tribute this summer in my style: cut-off, high-waisted jean shorts, neck ties, vests (both mens' suit-style and denim varieties), bandanas, boots, long skirts, wide-brimmed hats and big southwestern jewelry. When I mentioned trying to capture this spirit to my friends Sarah (gorgeous fashionista and purveyor of style blog fashflood.com) and Jess (beauty and brilliant photographer and designer in her own right), they thought we should do something big with it. So we put our brains together and styled up a little cinematic story in four scenes: Girls On The Run. One part "Thelma & Louise", thick with the spirit of all kinds of killer babes (yes, I'm referencing that amazing Icky Blossoms' song and having some fond memories of the inaugural Omaha Girls Rock camp), an undercurrent of an eternally sweaty summer tour (see my round-the-world-and-back-again dates with Bright Eyes), and a nod to the crossroads Americana that is Omaha, Nebraska, we imagined girls with both guts and glamour out hunting down summer fun. You better believe PJ Harvey's Man-Sized is blaring out of that stolen car stereo.

All photographs shot in Omaha, Nebraska, by the indomitable DP Muller with hair styling by the lovely Rebecca Forsyth.

ogle the rest of the spread both at omahype and BYT.


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