11 September 2011


i ran into a friend on the walk home from el centro and was given some vital information: a new vintage store - JOINT CUSTODY - opened TODAY on 18th street; we stopped in and IT'S SICK. downstairs from pharmacy bar, it's a pendleton-meets-harley davidson (by way of a metal show) dream-world and as the owner (CURATOR?) of like 30+ faded black concert tees i can honestly say that their selection of the aforementioned means that i may end up putting the owner's kids through college. tons of guy stuff as well, which i know is a plus when it comes to vintage. they also have records but i was too busy touching the zeppelin tees to deal with that on this trip. anyways - GO.

PS the lag in posts is a direct result of MY WEDDING YESTERDAY; to say that i am unbelievably happy is a remarkable understatement. i am a giant cheeseball of happiness and friendship and LOVE. it took all of the self-restraint to not have turned this into a wedding blog over the last seven months but i will say this: if you're getting married in the district of columbia it helps to know these four names: katie martin, sara mcgregor, liz gorman, and sewall belmont. oh and alexandria pastry shop. and rebekah calo and lauren gildner. that is all. if you need me i'll be in MEXICO with my HUSBAND.


Blogger jmk said...

Hi! I recently discovered vintage stores and without being dramatic, they have changed my life. This past weekend I went to Beacons Closet in Brooklyn and like whoa, where have i been! Love your blog and congrats on the wedding! Im new to the blogging world and DC but check mine out at: http://redandbutter.blogspot.com/

Thanks!! and Congrats again!

10:37 AM  

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