17 October 2011

cleopatra vibes.

miz swanson (if you're nasty).
my best friend is getting married this weekend, so i waited until THIS WEEK to start making my dress. obviously. her only requirements for the wedding party are that we wear black, don't do strapless, and accessorize with a statement jewelry piece (isn't she wonderful?), and while the wedding isn't 1930s THEMED, that theme has been ever-so-slightly encouraged by both the reception location (a speakeasy!) and the bride's insanely gorgeous, so-1930s-vintage-that-it's-falling-apart lace gown. after some RESEARCH, i've decided to base my look on gloria swanson's evil egyptian steez, above. i will refrain, however, from borrowing that ATTITUDE. i generally celebrate eye daggers but i'm pretty sure they're a wedding DO NOT.


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