11 October 2011


"here's to us."
HBO is currently playing happy gilmore so obviously i'm watching it; at the end my husband turned to me and stated his STRAIGHT UP dislike for julie bowen's character. i asked him WHY. "because i hate movies where all of a sudden somebody's best friends with somebody's grandmother." WHAT? "like 'ooooh happy i just met you and we just started dating and then in the next scene i'm all like 'ooooh mrs. gilmore i loooove you.*''" WHAT OTHER MOVIE DOES THAT HAPPEN IN? "mmmm, i don't know." while he can't explain how, exactly, he has pinpointed this as a movie characteristic that he HATES, i am just going to have to respect it. i think.
*quote within a quote within a quote? my MLA handbook just died.


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