06 November 2011

half hungerford, half robo-cop.

my dad has been in the hospital - the ICU, eeeek - since wednesday night. he went in with what he thought were heart attack symptoms (they weren't) and through sheer luck and fluke accident it was discovered that he had an underlying little heart condition - purely electrical - that could be taken care of REAL EASY LIKE with a pacemaker. half man, half machine: my new CYBORG DAD is ready for battle.
my mom, sister, husband, brother-in-law and i have spent the last five days BESTICKERED with visitor badges and sitting around my dad's tiny hospital room, making jokes about THE FUNERAL HOME and discussing saul bass and jack white; the boozy parties my grandparents threw in their heyday; the kardashians and the moneymaking PROWESS of kris jenner. we were all wrecked but we had a great time, and i've now fully realized the value of an armageddon-style, universe-ending takedown, wherein no one has to MOURN or DRYCLEAN A DRESS FOR THE WAKE or CONTEST ANYONE'S WILL. end-of-days theorists are lunatics of the highest degree, sure - but admit it, everyone meeting their maker at the same exact time holds a certain appeal. six months-or-so ago i read the year of magical thinking and it put me out of commission/out of my mind for like ten days (like, OUT OF MY MIND. i hyperventilated a couple of times and ended up with an ill-conceived tattoo. THANKS JOAN DIDION.). i am not prepared for grief.
BUT HEY! ENOUGH WITH THE DEPRESSING TALK. i leave you with PACEMAKER PIZZA PARTY. thanks so much to our friends, trae and carolyn, for coming up with the song all lickety split (it can be heard here in its entirety). heart-y party sign up sheets will be passed around following the viewing.


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