07 November 2011

little serow.

let's all celebrate this, and not just because it's on little serow's playlist.
my husband and i were THRILLED to be on the receiving end of an invitation to make reservations at little serow last week. it's the newest project from the POWERS THAT BE at komi, and located just downstairs from its big brother (at 1511 17th street NW), little serow is another teeny-tiny little place - 38 seats - and with no less attention to detail. eating with your hands, however, is ENCOURAGED at little serow. this not the case upstairs.
the space is painted a vintage green (pee-wee's playhouse green? YES.) and it lets everything else GLOW. milky white surfaces abound: a farmhouse-style porcelain sink houses cut ice on one side and open wine bottles/750s on the other; thick ceramic pitchers hang below a chicken wire shelving unit; an enormous, solid-looking bar made of a hefty slab of epoxy anchors the space. a perfectly-aged buffet discreetly houses computer screens behind the bar and an UNGODLY COVETABLE butcher's cart separates the dining area from the kitchen. i have nothing else to say about the interior other than i am SUPER BUMMED that i couldn't take it all home.
the food was unreal: seven courses (for $45), served family style on mismatched, floral china and tin trays. it's a spicy and sour pork-basil-mushroom-pork-radish cake-hammered beef-pork-sticky-rice EXPLOSION; shortly after BITE ONE my head fell off and spun around on the ground from all the deliciousness. if i had to get it together and name a STANDOUT DISH it might be the pork sausage, which we wrapped in basil leaves and ate with embarrassing quickness.
lastly: the wine and beer lists are impeccable (as one has come to from komi sommelier kathryn bangs). the women who work here all float around in vintage, southern-influenced frocks. johnny cash and dolly parton float from the speakers. YOU will float away to heaven (and maybe on a cloud of wine and beer. definitely on a cloud of pork).


Blogger Jesse said...

sounds ridiculous, pork and dolly parton make me swoon.

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