13 November 2011


In hindsight, we probably should have gone grocery shopping.
Photo by C. Freeman.
On Sundays Mitchell and I generally try to sleep in a little bit - how late depends on what went on the night before. THIS morning I was not prepared to get out of bed when I first woke up (around nine), and so in that weird little space between awake and asleep I envisioned myself as a table setting. I was a plate, a napkin, a fork and a knife - I was very still and calm and YES - I was maybe still a little drunk (thank you, Ashley May, for the parting whiskey shots on the way out of Velvet Lounge last night) - but the imagery TOTALLY WORKED and I fell back asleep for about two hours.
First order of business is always walking the dog and getting coffee; this Sunday was completely OUT OF THE ORDINARY in that we'd hosted my sister's baby shower the day before and had shuffled THE BEAST off to Alexandria (thereby insuring a 0% bite rate at the party). The two of us (and the cat, in charge by default and reveling in his superiority) padded around the house and waited for my sister and her husband to come meet us for lunch. I briefly considered showering but my hair was REAL NASTY in a REAL GOOD way, so I just put in some more hairspray and that weave was good to go.
It was total jeans and denim jacket weather and the walk down to Lauriol Plaza made me happy to be alive (if a little hungover). We stopped for coffee on the way down (facilitating the ALIVE part) and after an ungodly large plate of CHILAQUILES - over which the four of us discussed my impending niece, our friends' impending divorce, and haircuts - we were back home in time for Mitchell to watch the football game and for me to completely ignore it.
We're usually a little more ACTIVE on Sundays - a Miss Pixie's trip, HOME IMPROVEMENT projects, visiting with our parents - but not this Sunday. Oh, no. You could say that our day effectively ended around 1PM (in that I took my shoes off immediately upon arriving home and that we didn't think of leaving the house again) but doing so would be a serious disservice to the casts and crews of both T2 and Elf. Lying around on the couch and watching movies is a COMPLETELY ACCEPTABLE NON-ACTIVITY, and sometimes a full eight hours of DOING NOTHING is as absolutely integral to the upcoming week as going to the grocery store would have been.
That said, we are REALLY out of orange juice.


Blogger Shauna Alexander said...

Amazing! And a crew of us went to lunch at LeFant Cafe at one -- I pointed out of the car window and said, "Hey that looks like Mitchell and Morgan"

Turns out I must have been right!

(The boys all enjoyed being exposed to Joint Custody today too)

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO WAY!! It totally must have been ELF day, cause the pups & I watched it too!!!

8:11 AM  

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