04 November 2011


Birdhouse No. 3 by Victoria F. Gaitán

this summer i had the honor (and pleasure) of SITTING for the absurdly talented victoria f. gaitán. she was on a SPREE - the walls of her studio were completely covered with prints of work in progress - and she had a ton of ideas coming to fruition over the upcoming weeks. the result of her crazy productive summer is SCENES OF MILD PERIL, a solo show, opening tomorrow at conner contemporary (6-8PM; 1358 florida ave NE).

victoria's photos are incredible - BEAUTIFUL and VIVID and WEIRD and DARKLY FANTASTIC (four of my very favorite attributes) - and after getting a sneak peek of some of her latest output at the conner site, i'm EXTRA excited to see what she's come up with for the show. congratulations, victoria!


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