28 December 2011

nothin gets me down.

is anyone else worried about DLR hurting himself?
When I was young - like, really young, 6? - I remember riding in the car with my Dad. He had this habit of making a KARATE CHOP motion with his hand against the steering wheel - I'd catch him doing it all the time. I never found out WHY he did it; maybe he'd made a stong point during some internal dialogue, or maybe it was just nothing. Whatever the reason, he would karate chop incessantly, and I loved it. This story is not about that karate chop.
One time, when I was young, I was riding in the car with my Dad and he'd rewound and replayed, for the ninth or tenth time, a song on the Van Halen cassette we were listening to. I'd love to tell you it was "Jump" but really it WAS 1987-ish, and my Dad, after all, has always been much more of a Van Hagar, Cabo-Wabo-on-the-beach kind of guy than he is a DLR (while this is a bad quality in a boyfriend, it is perfectly acceptable - even PREFERABLE - in a Dad). From the backseat I asked him - with ATTITUDE - why we were listening to this song over and over, and the man locked eyes with me in the rearview mirror and answered simply: "Because it makes me feel good."
I got it then. I GET IT now.


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