27 December 2011


"Have you ever shot a charging lion?"
We've been REVELING in a little downtime and there has been some serious CATCHING UP ON MOVIES going on at our house - the hands down favorite being Midnight in Paris. Funny and sweet and full of little moments like the above (Hemingway just about killed me, as did Adrien Brody as DALI); I haven't enjoyed Owen Wilson that much since, well, this.
Equally excellent - and also FRENCH ACCENT-FILLED - was Mike Mills' Beginners, which had me IN TEARS at the end (but they were those good, like, LIFE-AFFIRMING tears so don't be afraid to watch it; I always put off watching movies that I think will take an emotional TOLL. This is why I didn't watch PRECIOUS until it was Watch Instantly on Netflix and staring me in the face everytime I logged in, and also why I've only ever seen the first ten minutes of UP).
I'm not big on NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS but I am planning to make more time for THE CINEMA next year. Oh, and also DINNER PARTIES, but apparently I say that every year.


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