23 January 2012


Friday night saw a first trip to Boundary Stone. The place is all exposed brick and FLATTERING LIGHTING (2 out of 3 of my situational needs, the third being WINE - DING DING DING DING WE HAVE A WINNER), and the beer list was well-curated, with the inclusion of local breweries (meaning Mitchell is LEGALLY OBLIGATED to cast his vote here). Legal obligations (and lighting) aside, we had a great time AND the food was delicious - the only ISSUE we ran into was my ordering the pork shank/fingerling potato/savoy cabbage special and Mitchell going for the confit of chicken; when everything came out the pork shank was the size of my head and the citrus dressing on his side salad glistened like a thousand suns shining upon a diamond. We enjoyed the first few bites of our INITIAL DECISIONS while staring covetously at each other's plates, then wordlessly switched entrees FOR THE WIN.
Their whiskey list was BLINGING but we opted to end the night back on our side of town; after NEW FANGLEDS at Smoke + Barrel we headed home just as the snow started falling (cue precious, rom-com, snow-walking montage; end montage on sour piano note/close-up of gnarly-city-snow-sludge in harsh, grey light of the following morning).


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