06 January 2012

flickr friday.

there are some treasures in the Panda Head flickr account too good/funny/WEIRD not to be shared, and as such: FLICKR FRIDAY is BORN.
This shoot, from Panda Head Mag: Issue 4, was one of my faves. Nilay Lawson and I collaborated with performance artist Melissa Krodman - OuiOui NonNon - for a burlesque re-telling of the myth of PERSEPHONE; we teamed up with photographer Chris Chen and shot the feature at the Palace of Wonders (now the Red Palace). We had such a blast at the shoot; at one point Nilay and I found ourselves on an H Street FALSE EYELASH scavenger hunt, and there may or may not be some dirty cellphone pics of PASTIES TRYINGS-ON floating around in this world. The result was the above; it was a very good day.

"The Myth of Persephone, as told by OuiOui NonNon." Photos by Chris Chen, Styling by Morgan Hungerford, Props by Nilay Lawson, Issue 4 Design by Erik Loften.


Blogger Eliza Jane said...

Love the burlesque theme!

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