27 January 2012

flickr friday.

from the mixed up flickr files of panda head blog.
For the cover of Panda Head Mag: Issue 3, art editor Nilay Lawson and I built a GIRL FORT - inspired by slumber parties and all things dreamy - in my living room. Photographer Alyssa Lesser perfectly captured the COZY-TENENBAUM-CAMPOUT vibe we were going for, and this photo served as our back cover. Not pictured: the felt "flames" Nilay installed in the fireplace (I kept them there for about a year afterwards), and FORT RESIDENT/cover model Kathryn Beale's wildly-appropriate coonskin cap.
Panda Mag: Issue 3 cover shoot
Photo by Alyssa Lesser
FORT by Morgan Hungerford West and Nilay Lawson
Issue 3 Design by Erik Loften.


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