03 January 2012


Mitchell and I found ourselves in need of NYE plans after our pajama-jammy-jam fell through at the last minute; a mutual interest in PORK CHOPS and PASTA led to a late-night, Italian dinner at home. After pulling out Volume "I" of the Enyclopedia Brittanica and doing some serious research a four second Google of "New Year's, Italian-style," we incorporated lentils to the menu (for money and GOOD FORTUNE in 2012), made a trip to the A.M. Wine Shoppe (for parmesan; probably the most authentic part of our evening), and excused ourselves to wardrobe/hair/makeup to cobble together our very best impressions of vintage ITALIA.
As we rang in the New Year with Amaretto (me) and single malt Scotch (MIO MARITO), we were elated in the realization that we may have accidentally started a new tradition. BUT. While this year we refrained from taking part in the post-New Year's dinner, out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new, Italian tradition of tossing the dishes out the window - I can't promise the same restraint next year. We STILL have plates in the sink.

: ricotta and basil crostini with olive oil, lemon zest, and black sea salt. TWO: an EXTREME CLOSE UP of some Very Handsome Anchovies (and romaine, and parmesan, and olive oil/balsamic). THREE: roasted tomatoes, zucchini, and garlic - all about to meet their maker (aka the food processor and a WHOLE LOT of basil). FOUR: our table; please note that SANTA SOPHIA joined us for dinner. FIVE: SOUNDTRACK. "Al Di La" was the HIT of the night. SIX: lemon sorbet and my grandmother's (espresso-filled) teacups. SEVEN: after dinner we found out our friend Nelson was USTREAM DJing; we did a LOT of embarrassing AIR KEYBOARDING and other assorted tomfoolery to Stevie Wonder, KC and the Sunshine Band, LL Cool J, etc. EIGHT + EIGHT 1/2: that's amore.


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Appreciate the Fellini reference.


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