18 January 2012

mother nature's son.

background photo (full of thumback holes, duh) from a 2007 W.
In their previous incarnation, these large, polished beads were part of a choker that was always a little more CHOKE-Y than COLLAR-LIKE - gorgeous to look at; mega-uncomfortable to wear. In need of an earthy accessory to tone down the CUTE VINTAGE VIBEZ my polka-dot top was throwing out into the world (because I can't get down with PRETTY unless some of THIS magic is sprinkled on top), I deconstructed it to use one of the medium-sized pieces as a pendant - and since then have found its parts to be far more valuable than its whole. The only DOWNSIDE has been OPTION OVERLOAD: endless possibilities put a real damper on OUTFIT EFFICIENCY (but they do make it fun to get dressed).


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