09 January 2012


okay yes, i see what you did there.
Friday night was spent celebrating my birthday with friends at Smoke + Barrel, where such a good time was had that we woke up Saturday morning to the above, late night PIZZA STORAGE decision. A) No one needs to see Jumbo Slice in the harsh light of day; it should exist only as a shimmering, intangible mirage of a memory. B) THAT'S NOT WHERE THAT GOES.
The weekend, overall, had that impossible quality of being both event-filled AND relaxing. Elvis Birthday Fight Club was just as fun/sexy/cartoon-violence-filled as we were hoping, Sunday morning I edited some KID FICTION for 826DC (one story ended with Zombie Hitler successfully taking over the world - it was incredible), and a Game of Thrones MARATHON closed out the evening.
I hope your own weekend was as PRODUCTIVE/LAZY (though I think there's only one of those allowed per six months; there is no rollover. When they sneak up on you they must be used WISELY).


Blogger Eliza Jane said...

Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! Happy late birthday! x

10:02 PM  

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