02 February 2012

i got an F.

In seventh grade my teacher assigned our class the following: bring in a tape or CD of your favorite song, and give a presentation about why it you chose it. SERIOUSLY? ONE favorite song? To be recorded onto my PERMANENT RECORD? This was real life, and when my name was called I was ready: two CDs in hand I walked to the front of the classroom and played - loudly, in succession, and totaling 14:27 - both "Nothing Else Matters" and the theme song from Jurassic Park. Ultimately I'd decided that there WAS no deciding, and as the John Williams score faded out, I explained that there was simply no way to choose between the two most beautiful songs in the universe.
The next girl played Spin Doctors. This was also an excellent choice.


Anonymous Melanie said...

Great, now I have the theme song in my head.

Hilarious story.

5:32 PM  

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