16 February 2012

meridian pint.

all photos by C. Freeman (link! link!)
Last Tuesday's Home Brewer's Match Up at Meridian Pint was SUCH a good time; while my showing up SLIGHTLY (ok, an hour) late was punished with a little wait in line, my patience/virtue was totally worth it - the beers were OFF THE CHARTS delicious (and probably the most consistently great, across the board, of all of these I've attended) - and the crowd - well, the crowd was THIRSTY. Regardless of your attendance last week (or at any of the prior contests) - you can still sample the winning beers - May 29 there's a BATTLE ROYALE planned between last year's CHAMPIONS, and first place gets their recipe brewed LARGE-SCALE by DC Brau. There will be bloodshed.*


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