17 February 2012

one, two, three.

1,2,3: a look back at the week. photo via The Selby.

. Did my shoe-wishlist at ReadySetDC WILL THIS into being?

. My brain exploded with happy friend-pride when I saw the very dear-to-my-heart (and one-time Panda Mag intern!) Kelley McNutt name-checked as a contributor to a Tavi Gevinson/Edward Meadham project over at Style Rookie. Get it, gurrrrrrl.

. A friend passed along this ancient Chinese form letter, and it's killing me. Hopefully we can all avoid the need to employ it over the course of the weekend (but HEY - don't let it/NOTHIN' get in the way of YOUR GOOD TIME).


Blogger Shoko said...

Dream shoes!

8:38 PM  

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