29 February 2012

over it.

O.K.! PS. HANDS. they're weird, right? like, IN GENERAL.
I'm taking a break from nail polish; while I'm an enormous fan of THE ACT OF THE MANICURE, my own personal backlash against the WACKY NAIL-ART WAVE will, for the foreseeable future, manifest itself in a short little clear-polished paint job (this will be a very quiet riot). Since there's a stellar chance that I'll wake up tomorrow having changed my mind, let us all remember THIS DAY as THE DAY I led that one-woman revolution. My BELIEVIES are strong; my convictions, perhaps, need some work.


Blogger Nest said...

I am with you. I stick with my tried and true on-the-reg Playa Del Platinum from Essie. Nude. Classic. Perfection. Keep it clean, ladies!

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Maria said...

I've stopped wearing polish at all. I just buff them until they are super shiny. Much better for your nails.

11:00 AM  

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