01 March 2012

an illustrated life.

My Dad's been on a serious Saul Bass kick, and in typical fashion his interests have started making their way into the rest of the family's repertoire - most recently, he purchased the above copy of Henri's Walk to Paris for my niece and nephew in Istanbul (shipping rates do not stand in the way of the man building an army of group-thinkers). Written by Leonore Klein and illustrated by YOU KNOW WHO, it's a kids book that could pass inspection as part of my own library - actually, it would fit right in next to the Charley Harper anthology that my Dad keeps trying to snake. Considering he once let himself into our apartment in the middle of the day to "borrow" a Fleetwood Mac record, I should probably reconsider leaving that thing in plain sight.


Blogger Shoko said...

Such a beautiful cover!

9:48 PM  

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