02 March 2012

one, two, three.

1,2,3: a look back at the week.

one. Friends (and advertisers!) at Smash! Records are featured - along with several other local businesses - in the above American Express "Shop Small" video. Congratulations to Smash, and also to co-owner Daisy Lacy (for looking REAL cute in that dashiki top).

two. I found this Kickstarter (to fund the music rights, etc, of a short film titled "Wonder Valley") via you are the river and donated a couple of bucks; the film stars Tom Brosseau and it looks fantastic. I'm stoked to see the FINAL PRODUCT.

three. Less - a jewelry line by Alyssa Lesser (you know her) - has a limited-edish, pyrite and quartz necklace out via Of A Kind. Super swank; WALK THE PLANK.


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