09 March 2012

one, two, three.

1,2,3: a look back at the week. photo by DP Muller for thenewrevolutionists.org.

one. My dear one Laura Burhenn got some major shine from The Huffington Post this week, for her New Revolutionists "warrior women" portrait series. Beautiful photography, beautiful women, beautiful project.

two. I clicked to Lunar Camel Co. from the Wary Meyers blog, and it's been making my mind bend all funny. Oddball and lo-fi (with occasional disco forays); I'll direct you to this post and let it introduce itself.

three. I watched Eames: The Architect and The Painter - available on Netflix Instant - on Tuesday, and loved it. Real story: I STARTED watching it on Tuesday and passed out, drooling, halfway through. I re-watched it this morning; I LOVE-loved it this morning.


Blogger Shoko said...

The Eames movie is next on my queue - very excited to give it a watch!

9:19 PM  

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