23 March 2012

one, two, three.

one, two, three: this happened/this week. photo via The Glow.

one. I am not the target demographic for The Glow...yet I totally AM the target demographic for The Glow.

two. DC boutique Redeem is celebrating this Saturday (from 6-9PM) with a party for Pioneer, a collection of vintage Barlow Knives, new tin cups, and Men's apothecaries (I may have made that word up), curated by the folks at Mutiny. With drinks from local whiskey distillery Wasmund's and indie-folk band Bison slated to play, it sounds like an Americana-style good time will be had by all.

three. If you follow Panda Head on FB or twitter, you;ll already know that THIS, built by the Confetti System for T Magazine, knocked my socks off in about four different ways. Shiny! Golden! Animation! HYPNOTISED.


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