05 March 2012


DC is the second stop for ROCKED, a collection of photos by rock photographer Mick Rock (SAY ROCK AGAIN. ROCK.) put on by W Hotels Worldwide. I had a vague notion of his work, and by "vague notion" I mean that I knew he shot this and that was the extent of things, but immediately upon walking into Thursday's opening party (at the W, obviously) I was all like OH RIGHT, THIS GUY. THIS GUY IS THE SHIT. While I, personally, might have called the above Queen photo a career high and then laid my camera down for a forever-nap, the amount of truly ICONIC photos he took - both before and after that - is shocking. The exhibition is heavy on the 70s stuff (definitely the right move; love ya, Dave Grohl, but you're nothing next to a peach-fuzzy Ozzy), and it's worth checking out while it's here.
The opening party itself was super fun - Fitz and the Tantrums played and Thievery Corporation DJed - and I got to catch up with a lot of people I hadn't seen in A MINUTE. The highlight of my night, though, may have been my pre-party decision to carry a massively oversized clutch - not only did it insure that the exhibition program (a bound copy of all the prints in the show) made it to our coffee table, but the pair of flats it stowed for afterwards turned out to be NECESSARY. Saturday shoes on a Thursday night were, in retrospect, a rather large cup of ambition.


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Awesome. Jealous.

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