12 March 2012


kel and chlo. photos by liz gorman (IT'S LIZ GORMAN WEEK, GUYS).
Panda Head Mag: Issue 6 is MAKING MOVES, and we're now officially ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for an intern (just one). OVERVIEW STUFF includes a couple of hours of daytime/weekday availability (and evening, as we head into the technical/web aspect of things), and the flexibility to plan your weekends around us, now through mid-May. Knowing your way around a camera, a general knowledge of Photoshop, and possession of an A+ attitude are all valuable life skills, and ones that we'll lend preference to (21+ is also a bonus, but not a dealbreaker).
FOR KICKS, these are all links to posts and projects that our Issue 5 TWINTERNS (and dear, dear friends) Kelley McNutt and Chloé Maratta worked on during their Panda Mag tenure.
Interested parties should reach out via email:


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