23 April 2012

abbey road.

I'm so stoked to introduce our Panda Mag: Issue 6 intern, Alicia Farina! Say it again: ALICIA FARINA. Her name just SOUNDS good, right? All photos by Alicia Farina; ALICIA FARINA - TAKE IT AWAY:

Hey guys! My name is Alicia Farina and I’m Panda Head’s Issue 6 intern. I hail from up North, splitting my time between a rural town in Vermont and the bustling city of Boston. While I’m in a constant state of wanderlust, I’ve settled in DC for the next few years to study Art History and Journalism at GW. I’m a jazz afficionado who loves a good cup of tea, attempting to cook Italian masterpieces for my friends and adventuring as much as possible. I look forward to exploring the arts scene in DC since, contrary to popular belief, the District is a thriving hotbed of creativity.

Nestled away on a dead end street in Georgetown, a Beatles revival played out. Bringing an international and modern flair to the beloved and iconic Abbey Road album cover, we dressed four of DC’s loveliest ladies in vintage pieces from the closets of Panda Head contributors. Four characters strutted across the painted street, cars lining the sides while a warm breeze made leaves dance and the smell of Spring float through the air. There was the headstrong businesswoman, ready for a challenge in a structured denim pant and jacket combination, an iPhone firmly in hand, a pair of sunglasses perched atop a coiffed mane. There was the flower child, donning light washed, high-waisted jeans and tumbling, natural curls. There was the city ballerina, floating elegantly in a pair of drawstring denim shorts and bright green bobble earrings. There was the downtown artist, in a dress and blazer of tangerine, coral and rust. Beatles covers from around the globe played as the video came to life. Not only did all involved look fabulous in their springtime best, but juice boxes were also enjoyed, with the unanimous consensus that drinking apple juice from a cardboard box can further brighten even the happiest of days.

our Beatles/babes: Tamika Wilkins, Lucy Novick, Danielle Theroux, and Ilene Tsui.


Blogger Mika said...

Morgan!! Can't wait to see the finished product, this was so much fun

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the band playing the cover of dont let me down in the final version of Avon place

12:39 PM  
Blogger Panda Head said...

hi there! it's a cover by charlotte dada - thanks!

12:43 PM  

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